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The pilot demonstrated acceptability, feasibility and potential efficacy to justify a future definitive randomised controlled trial. Co-designed women’s groups provide a safe space where indigenous women can collectively improve their functioning and wellbeing. The intervention proved feasible and well accepted by circle leaders and participating women. 1-month post-intervention, wellbeing scores (p-value 0.008) and self-care self-efficacy (0.049) scores were higher among intervention compared to control women. Those women who attended more sessions had higher wellbeing (0.007), self-care and infant-care self-efficacy (0.014 and 0.043, respectively), and early infant stimulation (0.019) scores. Guatemala society can be characterized as having a patriarchal and “machista” structure that often excludes women and other marginalized groups. This manifests as gender gaps across a variety of sectors and public services.

  • The 16-year-old packs the coffee for the new business set up by her sister Ana Cristina.
  • Guatemalan maya indigenous women walking in front of a colonial facade of Antigua city, Guatemala.Guatemalan maya indigenous women walking in front of a colonial facade of Antigua city, Guatemala.
  • The leadership group was elected in community assemblies on nutritional surveillance.
  • These particular cases have to be eliminated through study, dialogue, criticism and self-criticism.
  • We also worked on the little plot of land that was given to my mother.

Since the dawn of colonisation in Guatemala, lucrative farmland, political connections, and industrial might have been maintained—by force when necessary—by the ladinos. As a result, Maya in Guatemala are among the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. Indigenous communities increasingly rely on remittances, money sent from relatives working abroad back to their family in their country of origin, to meet their basic needs. More than ten percent of Guatemala’s economy as measured by gross domestic product is generated by remittances. While data in recent years is suggesting a “genderization” of immigration, migrants from Guatemala who migrant for economic reasons tend to be male. Women who migrate are more likely to do so with other family members, while men are more likely to migrate alone.

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Drawing upon decades of experience, RAND provides research services, systematic analysis, and innovative thinking to a global clientele that includes government agencies, foundations, and private-sector firms. The majority of Guatemalan lonely ladies comply with a nutritious diet that comprises mostly of whole foods.

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The northern state of Petén is now one of the most dangerous places for women in the whole of Central America. By running workshops to teach women about the laws in place to protect them and how to report acts of violence safely, we’re helping women fight violence in their daily lives. Women are especially vulnerable to violence, which has sharply increased in recent years. Only 13% of seats in parliament are held by women, and women are far less likely to own land than men. ActionAid began working in Guatemala in 1996, at the end of a three-decade civil war.


Each woman has since received chickens and materials to build chicken coops. Ana Ceto, the leader of MADRE’s Guatemalan sister organization Muixil, recently sent photos of the distribution, which we are sharing with you now. By earning an income, women have improved their status within their families and communities. They are now in a stronger position to negotiate the distribution of work in the household and provide positive role models for their daughters and sons. For now, most women in Chiquimula are far from being like Saturnina, the sisters, Jessica and Ana Cristina, or Flory and her family. They usually carry the responsibility for raising the children and feeding and caring for their families.

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The eldest of the sisters looks out of the window, watching some of the women from the village hard at work carrying heavy loads on their backs. They live in the Escobillar settlement in the village of Oquén, in the municipality of Jocotán, in Chiquimula, western Guatemala. Chronic malnutrition is a serious problem for many of pretty Guatemalan girls the people in this area. Chiquimula is the department with the second highest malnutrition rates in Guatemala, according to recent data from the government agency for food security. Thousands of women in Guatemala make their living by weaving textiles and selling them to «middle men» who then sell textiles in regional markets.

We report an analysis aiming to establish the factors underlying ALIANMISAR’s work which may have contributed to its success in collaborating with other sectors to improve provision of healthcare for Indigenous women in Guatemala. Findings come from a process of document review, key informant interviews, and dialogue with a range of stakeholders at national, departmental, and municipal levels . Aldana stood down as attorney general in 2018 after a busy term in which she investigated a wide range of people on corruption charges, including deposed former president Otto Perez Molina. Her courage in taking on entrenched corruption should be applauded. Although COVID-19 had the potential to set our progress back by decades, 2020 ended up far better than we could have ever imagined. We invite you to read through our 2020 Annual Report to learn more about who we are and to understand the true breadth of all we were able to accomplish together as a team and community in 2020. Without a doubt, the increased generosity and commitment to our mission are the very elements allowing us to continue making incredible strides in our work to create opportunities that empower Guatemalan women to build a better life.